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Lower Park Beacon - 14th July 2017 - Issue 440

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Dear Parents,

234 Books Missing

A drawing of a stack of 3 books

Our librarians have been stock- checking our school library books and have discovered that 234 books are missing from our library. It could be that they just have not been returned. Please check at home and return any books to the green dragon shelf in the library. Next week, we will be sending a letter home with the child who has last loaned out the missing book.

Obviously, it is a big expense when books go missing.

Thank you.

Reports to Parents

School report card

Your child should be bringing home her/his annual written school report today. We have tried to maintain the same format as last year, although the codes used in the report have been updated to keep in line with current changes in assessment. A full explanation can be found on the back page of the report.

As a reminder to parents, we no longer report levels to parents, but on the new, harder curriculum, the requirement is to report relating to age-related expected standards. The expected standard refers to where your child is on the standards relating to your child’s school year.

There is an accompanying letter for all year groups that gives a fuller explanation relative to your child’s year group.

We are very pleased with the children’s reports this year and every child has positive comments within it. We purposely give targets and advice on how your child can improve. Please discuss this with your child.

We ask you to add your comments to your child’s report in the final section. We feel that this is important as is affords the opportunity to add celebratory comments to the report that will be kept and read

Open Evening – Wednesday19th July

Cartoon of a teacher at a desk in a classroom

Parents are asked to bring their child’s school report to school next Wednesday evening between 5.30 and 7.30pm. Please give it to your child’s class teacher who will be in her/his room. They will arrange for it to be photocopied and given back to you. In this way, we also have a copy of the complete report for our records and your child’s profile, that includes your comments.

Please use the opportunity to look at your child’s work in the classroom and in the corridors. It is an opportunity to celebrate the work your child has covered this year. You are free to visit all the classrooms.

Music Concert – Next Wednesday at 7.30pm

Musical notes

Following straight on from the Open Evening, we have a music concert in the school hall, to which all parents are welcome to attend. Children who have been learning to play a musical instrument this year will perform a piece of music in the school hall.

No tickets are needed for this event.

Classes for 2017 - 2018

Children will be going to their new classes on Monday 24th July. Parents will receive a letter to inform you about your child’s new class.

Cabaret Evening Success

Silhouette of a band

Thank you to all those parents who came along on Wednesday to our Cabaret Evening. The boys and girls in the choir and the school band sang and played magnificently and amazed us with their performances that were of a very high standard again this year. So many people have told me what a wonderful night it was, despite being very warm and humid.

This was the children’s last performance of the year in the choir and the band and I sincerely hope that the Year 6 children will continue to develop their musical skill as they grow older as it will be of such benefit to them when they are adults.

A special mention to Mrs Mellor and Mrs Cunha for their work with the choirs this year. and raising the standard so highly and to the Manchester Big Band and Mr Galway who charmed us through his exceptional solo flute playing again. It was certainly a night that the children will remember.

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Football Report

On Wednesday this week our school teams played against Vernon school away. The A team lost 4-1 but put in a sterling performance in the heat. Archie k scored Lower Park’s only goal.

Drawing of boy kicking a football

The B team worked tirelessly and won 6-0, led by captain Finley G scoring a hat trick, alongside Ewan L scoring 2 and Charlie H who scored 1. A special mention goes to Will B and Alex W who were stoic in defence leaving very little for keeper Louie L to do!

An excellent performance to finish the year on.

Commendation Awards

Commendation Award trophy

Commendation awards are presented to children on Mondays. The staff, including midday assistants, nominates children (one from each class and one from the midday assistants) each week and they receive a commendation badge. They also receive a certificate which is displayed on the internal noticeboard outside my room. After a week, the certificates are given to the children to bring home to keep.

Whilst every child in the school will receive headteacher’s badges and stickers at times through the year, commendation awards are meant to recognise particularly ‘commendable’ achievements. They are used to promote exceptional attitude, approach to work, exceptional kindness, behavior, helpfulness consideration and attitude. Often, we will have a theme for the commendation awards.

The winners this week are:-

Faith T, Eric R, Quinn L, Oliver A, Jamie S, Max W and Morgan P.

Well done to all those boys and girls!

Dinner Money

Please would you log on to your School Money account and check that your child’s meals are all paid up to date. It is important that everybody’s account is cleared by the end of term.

Letters / Emails Sent Home This Week

  • Reports to Parents sent home today

Leaflets in the Entrance Hall



Sainsbury Voucher Scheme Ends

Sainsbury Voucher

Sainsbury’s have stopped issuing vouchers now, so if you have any yet to send, we will still receive them for the next week or two.

Thank you for helping.

Midday Assistant Needed

In September, two of our midday assistants are leaving. If we are unable to replace them, we will not be able to provide sufficient supervision at lunchtimes. The alternatives would inconvenience everyone. It is because of this that I have been asking parents (or relatives) to consider joining the midday team. We are in real need of recruiting midday assistants, particularly to work on a Friday, but we also need to replace more days in September.

Please consider this and Mrs Peart or Mr Coulson can talk you through the details.

Please ring 01625 872560

Or call in

This Week at School
  • On Monday, the school was quieter because the Year 6 children spent the day at the high school.
  • On Tuesday, our librarians received training on the new library software programme and have now started to re-catalogue all the books.
  • On Wednesday, the Cabaret Evening took place and was a fabulous evening for all.
  • Yesterday, we managed to have our sports day at the first attempt. It was a superb day. The children were very excited and seemed to enjoy every minute. Thank you to the staff and to Mr Cunha and Mrs Bailey for their smooth running of the events.
  • Today, your child should be bringing home a school report


We have learned that there will be a full closure of Woodford Road between Wednesday 19th July to 5th September and diversions will be in place. This is top allow a new bridge to be constructed. Nearby residents should have received a n explanatory leaflet.

Next Week at School

  • On Monday, our PCSO will be talking to the children about personal safety and being ‘good citizens.’
  • On Wednesday between 5.30 and 7.30pm, we are holding our open evening followed by a music concert in the hall at 7.30pm

You can download a copy of the menu for the school week starting 17th July 2017 here.

(Note you will need Adobe Reader to view or print the menu.)

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