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Around the World in 30 Minutes

The children were transported around the world on Tuesday during their Google Expedition. Using clever technology, the children were able to see the wonderful sites in the world; the Great Barrier Reef, the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China etc. The ‘OOHS and AAHHs’ that came from the hall continued all morning as the project really fired their imagination.

It is a simple and accessible technology linked to Google Earth 360 and photographs of some of the children using the special view finders will be seen on the website soon.

Lower Park School children on a Google Expedition


LP Children Celebrate Queen’s Birthday

The pupils at Lower Park School were delighted to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. They marked the special day by abandoning normal lessons in favour of learning more about our longest reigning monarch.

In the morning, the children learnt and sang the National anthem, investigated the heritage of the Royal family, drew and made Union flags and created timelines of the Queen’s life.

Lower Park School in Poynton Children celebrate the Queen’s birthday

In the afternoon, the school hall was royally decorated for all the children to enjoy a massive celebratory tea party, with cakes, juice and sweets. A day to remember indeed.

School Council win Special Civic Award

Lower Park School Council won the 2015 prestigious Poynton Youth Civic Service Award and received their mementoes from Poynton Mayor Rebecca Horsman-Johnson and met David Rutley MP for Macclesfield. Click here for more details and photos.

School Council members Charlotte, Josh and Rebecca with David Rutley MP for Macclesfield and Poynton Mayor Councillor Rebecca Horsman-Johnson


Lego 'Maniacs' - construct a village

Lower Park School year 6 children were treated to a special workshop where the whole class built a Lego village. Click here for details and photos.

Lower Park School Poynton, children dressed as spies

Skipping for Charity

In March our KS2 classes took part in the British Heart Foundation jump off. They learnt some skipping skills in their PE/games lessons and then on the day jump as many skip attempts as possible in 1 minute. The children made a fabulous effort to collect money and were very competitive on the day when skipping.

 Lower Park School Poynton children skipping to raise money for the British Heart Foundation

It was a really fun event for everyone involved! We are very grateful to everyone that sponsored the children; it has helped us to raise a large amount of money, which will go to the British Heart Foundation and some that will go to another charity. The total amount of money raised was £1179.20.

We were visited by a BHF volunteer during our community half hour and he came to explain to the children where their money would go and how it would help.

Presentation of the cheque, in school community half hour, for money raised in the skipping event to a British Heart Foundation volunteer

Two of our sports reps Maria B and Charlotte C handed him the money during that assembly. He is also processing the order for the digital skipping ropes. If you raised £50.00 or more then you will receive one of these and Mrs Ralph will bring it to you when they have arrived. Thank you again to all those who sponsored the children and to the children for taking part.


Lower Park Children Participate in Gymnastics Competition - March 2015

A small group of Lower Park Year 3 and 4 children recently competed in the Stockport Key Steps gymnastics competition. They have been arriving at school half an hour early in order to train for the event. Mrs Leach, one of our teaching assistants, has been working intensely with the group and taught them three different routines. The children were entered as either individuals or team members. They all competed extremely well with the team members receiving a bronze medal after being awarded 3rd place overall.

Well done to all the children who represented the school very well and have worked extremely hard!

Lower Park School, Poynton Year 3 and Year 4 Gymnastic Teams

Our individual competitors were Bethan, Holly and Bethany. They all competed very well in what was a hard competition. Team members were Daniel, Ruben, Freddie, Lois and Lorna. Finally, a huge well done to the reserves, Louisa and Jack, who worked equally hard to ensure they were prepared if needed!

Pictured: Lorna, Holly, Ruben, Bethany, Daniel, Freddie, Bethan and Lois


National Science Week

It was true to say that Science week went off with a bang. It could be heard all around Poynton as the explosions and peals of laughter continued throughout SciTech’s visit.

In addition to that, the children looked superb in their ‘mad-scientist’ outfits – thank you for dressing them for the occasion.

Every child listened and watched Phillip Rose produce magical scientific experiments that astounded the children. 

A photo taken during the March 2013 Science Week at Lower Park School in Poynton

View more photos from Science Week here


5 Times Stockport Schools’ Cross Country Champions

An amazing accomplishment for the children of Lower Park! For the fifth year running our cross country running team won the Stockport Schools competition. It was held this year, at Moorfield School in Stockport. Over 250 children from primary schools in Stockport took part in the competition.

A photo of the Lower Park Stockport Schools’ Cross Country Champions

It was an evening to remember for all at Lower Park. With such a close finish to the event, our Year 5/6 boys won their race to claim the necessary points for an overall win. Jamie W finished 1st, George B 2nd and James S 3rd (a magnificent 1, 2, 3!!) Yet all 24 children from Lower Park piled up the points in their races and showed sheer determination to win. They were a credit to the school. Well done to the girls and boys (and the staff and parents too) - a massive achievement!!



A residential trip to Kingswood was, as usual brilliant!!! The thirty nine children took part in a whole range of activities, including fencing, archery, problem solving and abseiling. They also completed three modules of ICT where they created their own interactive computer game.

A photo of 2 children abseiling at Kingswood

View more photos of a visit to Kingswood from the archive here.


Athletics Winners and Record Breakers

23 children represented Lower Park in an athletics competition at Woodbank Park.

Lower Park School Poynton Athletics Team

The children competed with sheer enthusiasm and determination. The team spirit was a credit to our school. Lower Park were crowned the winners, with our year 5 boys relay team breaking a current record. Well done to all the girls and boys!


New Library 'Official' Opening & the dedication poem.

Our library is dedicated to Angela Hanson who died this year after a period of illness. Angela was a governor at Lower Park for over 20 years and led the buildings committee for much of that time. She saw the library being built but did not see it completed. 
The official opening of the Lower Park library by Alan Hanson
Angela's husband Alan officially opened the library and unveiled the plaque on which the dedication is written in the form of a poem created by the Year 6 children.

Below you can see Chloe reading the poem, which you can read in full here.

Chloe reading the poem dedicated to the memory of Angela Hanson at the official opening of the Lower Park library

Cross Country

Our cross country team participated in an inter-schools event at Moorfield School. The Year 3/4 boys won their race, with George B crossing the line in first position.
Lower Park School Poynton Cross Country Runners March 2012
In a very close race, the Year 5/6 boys also won their event, with Jamie W storming into first position metres from the finishing line. All 24 children gave their best effort and the results were a true reflection of their hard work. Well done to all the boys and girls for a fantastic performance and for bringing home the shield for a fourth year running!

World Book Day

In UKS2, the children's topic was 'Gangsta Granny' and they concentrated on characterization, dialogue and settings. CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE GANGSTAS.

Year6 Girls Dressed as Gangsta Grannies for World Book Day 2012
Spot the 'teacher grannies'!
UKS2 teachers dressed as Gangsta Grannies
One of the highlights of the day was taking part in the Where's Wally treasure hunt. 
Children at Lower Park School on World Book Day 2012 dressed as Where's Wally characters
Wally was hiding behind some London Landmarks holding letters. The children had to gather the letters and rearrange them to make a word. The word was 'Big Ben.' CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE 'WALLIES'.

In LKS2, the children immersed themselves in Dickensian stories – to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens. 

LKS2 Teachers with caretaker Andy
They looked at the characters, the costume, drama and book making. CLICK HERE TO SEE ENLARGED PHOTO


Safety and Security Advice for Year 6

Recently we were paid a visit from Poynton PCSOs Chris and Chris! 
Two of Poynton's PCSOs visit year 6
The children learned a huge amount about how they could protect themselves, their possessions and property. They were shown a presentation, and spent over an hour asking questions about home security.


Pop Connection for the Community

Children at Lower Park School have always enjoyed a rich music and performing arts tradition, but more recently embarked upon a fabulous new venture. They hosted two ‘Community Concerts’, and produced their own CD for family, friends and newly formed fans to enjoy. 

Children from Lower Park School performing at the Pop Connection concert at Poynton Baptist Church

Find out much more, watch a reheasal video and see Pop Connection concert photos here.


Talent Show and Parties - December 2011

Christmas in a school is always special and as usual it was a time for fun and celebration. Children from Foundation and Key Stage One enjoyed games and parties, whilst the older children entertained themselves and the staff by staging a Talent Show. The performances included singing, playing instruments, telling jokes, dancing and drama. 
Lower Park School, Poynton, Cheshire December 2011 Talent Show winner and runner-ups
Congratulations go to Alex (centre) from Year 6 who performed an amazing techno robotic dance and walked away with the Talent Show trophy presented by headteacher, Ian Coulson. Joint second prizes went to a fabulous puppet show produced by Aaron and a stunning singing performance from Mia.



Aaron inYear 6 won a competition at Discover Lego, near Trafford Centre. This resulted in a Lego workshop for him and a group of his friends in school. 
Children at Lower Park at a Lego workshop

  St James' School in Uganda

Children at St James' School in Uganda

Gerry Hambridge visited Uganda for 5 weeks and took the 'Hands of Friendship' and the letters we wrote to the children at St James' School.

With the money raised from our DT Week and Harvest Festival, she also collected toys for the nursery, bunk beds for the orphans and mosquito nets for everyone.

She also bought a CD player when she got there, so that she could teach them some the Pop Connection songs!!

Read letters from Uganda and see great photos from Gerry's visit, a year later in 2012, by clicking HERE.


Lower Park Children Get Active

Year six pupils have recently enjoyed a challenging, but enjoyable three days residential course in the Peak District. Nearly forty children took part in a range of activities including ICT, quad biking, fencing, and other outdoor pursuits. 
A photo of 4 Year 6 children with fencing kit and protective head gear
The highly successful trip was designed to promote co-operation, co-ordination and compromise - all vital skills that will continue to bond the group together during their last year at primary school.


Green Club carry out a 'garden makeover'

The school Green Club along with volunteers and their gardening tools did a general tidy up around the school. One parent even turned up with the large 'Billy Goat' lawn vacuum shown below. 
A photo of a large lawn vacuum taken at the Green Club school tidy up
The Green Club's Spring tidy up meant we got everything ready for our summer planting and with the help of Mr Banks, we put up our bird boxes and bat boxes that had been made the previous year in DT week by the children.


Olympic Hockey Player visits School

Alex Danson, the Hockey Olympian met the children in assembly on Friday 2nd July to talk about National Sports Week. 


Alex Danson, the Hockey Olympian met the children in assembly

The children have been learning a dance in readiness for the 2012 Olympics.


Emily - Headteacher for the Day

On Friday, the 14th May, Emily swapped places with Mr Coulson, who took her place in the classroom. 
Emily at the headteacher's desk
Emily did a great job and her policies were very popular but Mr Coulson was not well behaved! Find out how the day went in our 'Head for the Day' photo gallery'.

Lower Park's Green Club 

On Saturday 24th April 2010 parents, children and friends of the school turned out to help our Green Club with their '“Big, Green Clean Up'. 

A photo taken at Lower Park School's first 'Green Club' morning

The school now has a new assortment of bird nesting boxes and very interesting raised beds for growing vegetables. Thank you particularly, Mrs Carding, for your initiative and dedication.


Lower Park Pupils Are Out Of This World!

The school is well known for its theme days and activity weeks, and recently children at the school found themselves in the middle of yet another out of this world educational experience. Just under three hundred pupils took part in a whole week of ‘space themed’ activities finding out about the scientific and science –fiction aspects of life in space. They explored a whole range of activities including investigating the sun, moon, seasons and planets, designing moon buggies, taking part in a drama about locating an alien in outer space, and enjoying space-themed dance workshops. 

A photo of children dressed up for space week

The final day saw every child and member of staff arriving at school dressed as a space character – quite a spectacle of aliens, mad scientists and Buzz Lightyears!!


A Special 'Mother's Day at school

All mums are special, but mothers of children at Lower Park School were made to feel extra special this week. In a magical celebration of their mums, children in Foundation and Key Stage One started the afternoon with an assembly. This included 'what makes my mum special' poems, readings and songs that brought tears of emotion to those in the audience. 

A pupil holds up the card made for his mum

The assembly was followed by a tea party with all the food prepared by the children. Mums were presented with cards, scrolls and planted bulbs by the proud children.


Rave Reviews for the Christmas Shows

The Christmas Recipe (watch a video - see link below) and Aladdin brought the house down with fabulous performances from the Lower Park children.

A photo of some of the cast of Aladdin

Aladdin was the first traditional pantomime for many years and was a big production to attempt. We need not have worried, however, as the children really took it over, learned their lines early (and those of everyone else) and produced a wonderful pantomime that thrilled us all


The Christmas Recipe was very different to any previous nativity but was bursting with colour, singing and dancing. As our headteacher Mr Coulson said after each performance, where else but at Lower Park would you find in a nativity: Irish dancing by elves, children wrapped as Christmas presents, a class dressed as birds dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Rockin Robin,’ children dancing as snowflakes to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ and the audience singing along to Take That as the children were ‘stars in the sky?’

Watch the Irish Dancing - Click here to load movie clip.


  A Taste of France

A photo of children enjoying French Language Week by tasting pretend red wine

An excellent week in school with the children enjoying a range of 'French' activities. They tasted a variety of French cheese, sampled red squash ‘wine’ learnt new vocabulary and sang traditional songs in French. Not to mention, the Boules competition and French waiter race and painting like Seurat!

Certainly, the children learnt much more about French culture and the language during the week.

Veteran Relives His War Years

As part of Community Hour, children from Lower Park School were delighted to meet local author and war veteran Fred Hirst when he gave a fascinating talk on his life during the war years. He was keen to share his memories which led to the writing of his book 'A Green Hill Far Away'.

War veteran Fred Hirst with pupils from Lower Park School

Pictured: Fred Hirst with children from school


Choir Perform With 'Abba'!

On Saturday 13th June 2009 our school choir took centre stage with Abba Reunion - to perform 'I Have A Dream'. 

A photo of the school choir performing with Abba Reunion at a charity concert at Poynton Park

The Abba tribute band performed with the choir at Poynton and District Rotary Club's Open Air Charity Concert at Poynton Park.

Kingswood 07/08 - Year 6 Residential

**Watch Video Clips and View Photos**

Assault courses, fencing, quad biking, laser battles and the creation of computer simulated games sounds much better than class lessons, but the children found the activities just as challenging. 
Children from year 6 at Kingswood on the assault course.

The assault course was just one of the challenging activities. Find out what else the children got up to in the Kingswood Photo Album. This year we even got videos of the assault course. (Note: you may have to download the free real media player here to play the clips).

Video 1 - Assault Course 1 
clip Video Camera Symbol (54")

Video 2 - Assault Course 2 
clip Video Camera Symbol (3'06")

Video 3 - Assault Course 3 
clip Video Camera Symbol (49")

Video 4 - Assault Course 4 
clip Video Camera Symbol (40")


















































Lower Park Harvest Festival Raises Over £500 for Uganda School

Children at Lower Park School have once again, come to the aid of their partner school, St James’ School in Uganda.

As part of their Harvest Festival, the children in Key Stage Two focused upon what harvest means in different places around the world. Having fostered a relationship between Lower Park and St James’ School in Kamuli, Gerry Hambridge was invited along to tell them a little more about the way Ugandan children harvest rice up to their waist in paddy fields.

Fnd out much more details on the Harvest Festival page.

Lower Park School 2016 Harvest Festival Photo with Gerry Hambridge, Lois, Holly, Daisy, Tom and Bethany

(Pictured: Gerry Hambridge, Lois, Holly, Daisy, Tom and Bethany)

Award Winners - April 2016

Caroline Corlett trophy was given to Leah in Year 2 and Max in Year 6 received the Chris Hammond award.

Caroline Corlett trophy winner Leah in Year 2 Chris Hammond Trophy winner Max in Year 6


Raising Money for Children in Need 2015

Several groups of children decided to bake and sell cakes to raise money forChildren in Need.

Lower Park School Poynton, children dressed as spies

The variety of cakes and biscuits baked looked delicious and went down really well. Rather than compete with each other the children decided to put their takings together, and they raised £175.14 for Children in Need.

Lower Park Bake for Charity

If you were recently walking in Poynton village you may well have bought cakes from four enterprising and thoughtful girls from Lower Park School.

Year 6 friends Essy and Holly together with their younger sisters Harriet and Jess, decided to put up a stall outside the Post Office in order to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

Lower Park School Poynton, children dressed as spies

On two consecutive days they sold the cupcakes they had baked at home, with their efforts raising over £100 thanks to the generosity of the passing trade.

The girls decided they would like to help the charity saying “Although we don’t have a friend or member of our families affected by cancer, it must be devastating if someone does. We just wanted to help”


Lower Park goes 'undercover' on top secret missions!

Lower Park School Poynton, children dressed as spies


Radio 'Lower Park' - Silk 106.9 Visit

Our school is to become a Silk 106.9's 'School of the Week'. 
A photo of children with a reporter from Silk 106.9 radio station based in Macclesfield
Radio reporters from the station have been outside school asking parents about Lower Park and, under supervision, children talked to the interviewers on Wednesday 8th May during playtimes. The whole purpose is to feature the good things that happen here for children.

Comic Relief

Red Nose Day was a great success with the fundraising activities some children arranged for the day. The raffle arranged by Amy J and friends was drawn in assembly with literally hundreds of tickets having been sold. The raffle raised a great £208. The bake sale arranged by Ellen J was also magnificent, the variety of cakes and biscuits was very tempting indeed. 
A photo taken during the March 2013 Comic Relief sale at Lower Park School in Poynton
The sale raised a fantastic £143.55. There was also nail painting arranged by Anya S, Eleanor M & friends and a bracelet sale arranged by Leah D, Charlotte K and friends the money for this is still being counted! There were also several red noses around school. Well done to all the children.

Great news from St James Primary School and Orphan Care in the village of Nakakabala, Uganda

Children from Lower Park School are thrilled to hear the latest news about the classroom that they have helped to fund in Uganda.

At a special Parents' Day the new classroom, decorated with 'message bricks' bunting sent by pupils at Lower Park opened. 

St James School and Orphan care new classroom which Lower Park School Poynton helped to fund

Click here for photos and Gerry's reports

Lower Park School Pupil Donates Birthday Money to Help St James School in Uganda!

One child was even more keen to keep up to date with news from St James. Over the last eighteen months, George has been so touched by hearing about the children in the school, that he gave his birthday money towards the project.

Mrs Gerry Hambridge, who set up the special relationship between Lower Park and the school, gave him a list of projects that his money could help. After some consideration, he chose to fund 'George's Den'. This is a large enclosure and home for the school hens, to ensure that the birds do not wander off and become lost.

Planting in Diamond Jubilee Wood

The first sapling in our new wood was planted by the eldest and youngest child in the school. 
The youngest and the oldest children in Lower Park School planting the first sapling in the Diamond Jubilee Wood.
An oak tree has been planted in our Diamond Jubilee Wood that will be known as 'Angela's Oak', named after one of our former governors Angela Hanson who sadly passed away in February.
The youngest and the oldest children in Lower Park School planting the first sapling in the Diamond Jubilee Wood.
Angela's daughter Kate McLean and family planted the oak tree and during science week (12th to 16th March 2012) children were also involved in planting more saplings. 

Inclusion Quality Mark

"I am delighted to be able to inform you that, once again, the school has been successful in gaining the Inclusion Quality Mark. Following a thorough assessment made last term, the Assessor has concluded that we are, ".....a very inclusive school." The assessor roamed around school quizzing the children, support staff, governors and teachers, but the final report is, again, a delight to read. Our first award was in 2007, so this renewal is very pleasing". (Ian Coulson - Headteacher) 
Lower Park Scool Poynton Cheshire receive the IQM -  Inclusion Quality Mark

St James Orphanage Developments

A classroom 'building site'. Our fundraising has helped to build a new classroom for the children at St James School, Kamuli in Uganda. 
Site for a new classroom for children at St James School in Ugandaames
Watch out for future developments.

Year5/6 Mosque Visit

After studying Islam in RE, all children in years 5 and 6 went to a mosque in Cheadle.
Lower Park School Poynton Year 5 and 6 children visiting a Mosque
They were able to witness the 'call to prayer', and tried on some authentic outfits

Lower Park Helps Build Ugandan Nursery Classroom

Following their topic of Africa, the oldest children at Lower Park School were keen to support their link school in Uganda. 

A photo taken at the Lower Park School African Craft Sale for children in Uganda - Boys with wire bicycles made in Uganda

Facilitated by Gerry Hambridge, they have now exchanged letters with children at St James School, and learnt more about their lives. Wishing to help complete the nursery classroom, Lower Park pupils were keen to hold an African Craft Sale, selling goods that Mrs Hambridge brought back from her most recent Ugandan visit.

From wire bicycles and baskets, to bongos and bracelets, the range of crafts was enormous. A staggering ₤400 was raised, and Lower Park School would like to thank all pupils and parents who were so generous and supportive.

Lower Park School Gymnastics

Our gymnastics team returned victorious after competing against 7 local schools at Wilmslow High School. Both teams, with children aged 7 and 8 years old, represented the school magnificently, and should receive recognition for the way in which they presented themselves and performed their routines. 

Lower Park School gymnasts

Charlotte from Year 2 achieved a ‘full house’ coming first in all three categories and with the help of her excellent teammates, the Year 2 children won the overall title in their age category. The Year 3 team also did very well too with Cameron achieving a silver medal for his Body Management routine. Well done to all the gymnasts. 


Lower Park Schoolchildren Lend A Hand

The children in Key Stage Two made a ‘Hand of Friendship’ with a written message to be given to a child in one of the African schools. At home, they became a ‘Helping Hand’, either doing a chore or completing an activity, in return for a small monetary reward. The money raised from Year 3 and 5 children will buy items for our Chikambuso link school (click here to see photos of Chikumbuso school), whereas St James School in Uganda will benefit from the money raised by Year 4 and 6. 
A photo of Mr Coulson, Mrs Hambridge, Mrs Hughes and Lower Park children holding up hands of friendship
At a fabulous Harvest Festival Service, the children sang, acted and spoke about how they had been helping at home and about our adopted schools in Africa. Mrs Hughes and Mrs Hambridge spoke about the two schools during the service and each lady will take approximately £100.00 to each school on their next visit, together with the many messages written on the children’s ‘Helping Hands.’ Well done the children!


Athletics - Stockport - Summer 2010

Our Athletics team competed in an inter-schools' event at Woodbank Park on Wednesday evening. All 24 children were a credit to Lower Park. They deserve to feel extremely proud of their efforts and teamwork. View photos below.

Lower Park School compete in Interschools' Athetics Meeting in Stockport - Isabella runs home.
Isabella races home for Lower Park .

Lower Park School compete in Interschools' Athetics Meeting in Stockport - Robert and Niall race round the bend in a the relay.
Robert and Niall (right) race round the bend in a relay race.

Lower Park School compete in Interschools' Athetics Meeting in Stockport - Robert and Niall race round the bend in a the relay.
Lucy racing through on the inside. 


Football Stars

Congratulations to Ross L. who was selected to play football for Macclesfield District at Preston’s Deepdale Football Ground last week. Unfortunately, injured in the game, Ross has done very well to be selected and has enjoyed the experience.

Bolton Wanderers Football Club logo

Joe P. deserves a special mention too by being selected and signing forms for Bolton Wanderers FC’s youngest teams.

After trials, 9 boys were selected and enjoyed a day at a Premiership match at the Reebok stadium too.


'We Are the Champions' - 27th May 2010

Lower Park has won the Schools’ League competition and have received a very handsome cup. On Tuesday 27th May, our ‘A’ team played at Vernon. Going into the game we were level on points and the winners of this match were to be crowned league champions and progress through to the next round of the Knockout Cup. In a well-contested match, we fought hard and our determination secured a 1-0 win!

Lower Park School Football A Team with their trophy


(Back Row L to R: Danny, Rob, Kyran, Tom, Niall, Bobby, and Joe. Front Row L to R: Liam, Ed and Alex ('B' Team goalkeeper)).

A fantastic achievement and a huge well done to all the team for bringing the cup home to Lower Park. Congratulations to our 'A' team for their continued enthusiasm and teamwork throughout the season and for not losing a single game!


World Book Day - oink oink!

Nearly three hundred children and thirty staff came to school dressed as their favourite book character in recognition of World Book Day. Key Stage One and Foundation pupils took part in a range of activities, ending the day with a book themed fashion show. 

Children disguised as The Three Little Pigs for World Book Day 2010
Guess the story! 

Years 3 and 4 enjoyed writing book reviews, whilst the older children wrote ‘Quest’ stories. A highly successful and thoroughly engaging ‘World Book Day’ for all!!


Family Lunches

During the last term at Lower Park, the numbers arriving for a school dinner on Wednesdays has risen enormously. Due to a new initiative, families have been invited to eat a school dinner with their child and this has proved to be highly popular. 

Family lunch at Lower Park school

It has given children the opportunity to invite their parents, grandparents and older siblings to sample the wide variety of food on offer.


Drummer Boy Receives Talent Trophy

The last Thursday of term at Lower Park was a time for celebration for the entire school. The Infants enjoyed parties, whilst the Juniors entertained themselves and the staff by staging a Talent Show. The performances included singing, playing instruments, telling jokes, dancing and drama.

The winner, second and third in the December 2009 Talent Show

Congratulations go to Charlie from Year 6 who played a jaw dropping drum solo and walked away with the Talent Show trophy presented by headteacher, Mr Coulson. Second prize went to Niamh with a singing and dance act and dancers Imogen and Ellen coming third in the contest.


The 'Christmas' Choir Perform

The school choir recently mixed with members of the local community as they sang at the leisure centre for the disab


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